Italy’s Guido Borelli

by | Oct 29, 2017

Tell us about your background in painting, family, and where you studied.

I was told by my mother that the first time I said I want to be an artist and painter, I was 4 years old. In my family, there are 2 painters, my aunt and one of my uncles and my grandfather was a wood carver. I have always painted. I attended a high school in Turin and the Academy. I never finished my studies but I started to train myself copying old masters like de Nittis and Boldini for years and years. To this day, I still copy the orientalist masters. I believe is a good thing to study the masters anytime I can.

What is your favorite color to use in your paintings?

I love all “blue” and all ocra, golden sienna and burnt sienna…I don’t use the black color.

Describe your favorite piece of work and why?

There are many paintings I like…but I can say my favorite works of my own are my front stores. I like to paint them because I like to add new little details that come to mind not necessarily tied to the spirit of the painting

How did you find Fine Art America?

This is interesting…I joined FAA in May 2007…I found the advertising in my mailbox many times. After a few months, I decided to check better what was written and I understand immediately the difference between FAA and all the others…I was able to decide what price I wanted to set for my paintings and there was no percentage, like all the other art website I had looked at. I told all my friends immediately about Fine Art America and many of them joined as well.

Do you have advice for other artists?

No, I think everybody has to do what they like better. Just work, and Just paint…It is the best work in the world:-)

Whats the best advice someone has given you?

To Love My Work

What is your favorite place in Italy to paint or visit?

There are so many places I like in my wonderful Italy…what I prefer are the small villages in the country.


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