Her watercolor paintings have the ability to tug at the heartstrings and challenge even the most stoic of personalities.

Pixels Member Artist, Soosh, amassed a large following in April with features in Huffington Post and Buzzfeed. Captivated and intrigued by her work and style we wanted to get to know her even better.

All whimsy aside, we got the scoop behind the artist whose watercolors have been showing us the softer side of art.

Growing up, Soosh said she didn’t have a clear cut idea of what she wanted to become.

“I was a child, and the truth is I am only starting to figure out what I am and what I want to become having lived up to my age. I remember I used to be much into track-and-field, athletics and wanted to have these superpowers to be able to run and never be short of breath.”

She recalled one thing which she toyed with a lot being a child – she wanted people to let her be with her books, drawings and the world she created for herself, rather than going out and having to deal with them.

“Especially hard on me (in the former USSR) was the community system when you had to do everything with others, and when it would come to a shared creative activity I felt trapped. I am not and never was this “team player” so at one point I had a dream to find myself on an island like Robinson Crusoe (only without a Friday).”

When asked what her favorite piece that she has created is she said it’s always the last one she did.

“It is fresh and my emotions about it are fresh, but if speaking about all of them, I do love my goddesses, women who represent Earth, Life, Wild nature of women and their magical powers to create and bring new life to this world.”

Soosh said that although a majority of people prefer her father/daughter illustrations, her goddess pieces are very special and dear to her.

Soosh started drawing at an early age and recalls having her mother draw the outline of the heads of women.

“I tortured my mom to draw me an outline of the heads of women, just this half ellipse which I could after transform into a head with a face, hair and draw from there.”

Soosh said she was always doodling and sketching nonstop everywhere.

“Some places were ok, for example arts and crafts lessons, other places – chemistry, physics books, walls, tables – not so much appreciated.”

Here’s more of our one on one with Soosh:

PX: What inspires you to be creative?

Soosh: It is a need, general inspiration comes from within, from an urge, from a demand of my soul. Subjects and images and ideas now have different sources of inspiration – folk fairytales, North, distant lands, trifles, very tiny things – broken glasses, old cups.. I love flee markets – so much of rich individual history is displayed and sold there for a penny! I am inspired by magic, my spirits, by a piece of rusty pipe… By big things and small and by people, by the beauty and depth of their soul, emotions. Inspired by my happiness and by my sorrows, by my hopes and dead-ends.

PX: You are a successful artist, do you have any outstanding artistic goals you have yet to reach?

Soosh: You know this is an interesting question. I am loving when emotions and feelings I encapsulate within my drawings touch people so much they write to me and write heartwarming comments and come up with their own emotions and stories. This is just beyond amazing and already as it is an outstanding goal achieved. Although I have no feeling I am a successful artist, I feel that my ability to transmit my emotions, wrap them up into an illustration and share with the world has developed in the past years and with the publicity it gained the last half of the year gives me pleasure as it is. I have some outstanding goals but they are in the field of personal grows and self-understanding rather than professional development.

PX: What advice do you have for aspiring artists?

Soosh: Listen to no advice, create as you feel, do what you like and don’t go with the flow, just let yourself be and express the way you feel.

PX: Who is your favorite artist?

Soosh: There are so many! There are a lot of amazing artists I learnt though Instagram and on the Internet. To name some would be to deprive others with rightful mentioning. Some of them I listed on my site as an inspiration source, but still not all … And classic artist.. ah! endless list of names – I am very impressionate and so i love impressionists a lot, almost all of them!  🙂

PX: What is your favorite pass time?

Soosh: I love to sit a cafe, with a nice hot cup of cocoa, a pie and a set of my watercolors to draw and hear life around me yet not be an active part of it. I love to spend time with my kiddo, just chilling, when he is reading or making figures from clay (in which he is amazingly skillful!) and when his leg is resting on my side and I do something else, but constantly feel his presence though the warmth of his pink hill or toes.

I have never had a chance to camp really, with a tent and camp-fire but I am sure this I would adore.

PX: Guilty pleasures, have any?

Soosh: Oh, many! Food, for example! Love tasty food! Sweet pies, cakes… etc. When I can, I will avoid routine cooking, I will always try to sneak in a cafe with those blessed people who clean the dishes after me! I love stationary shops and lose my mind with all the watercolors, brushes, pencils, notepads (which I have a numerous number really and which I only have one page filled usually).

Dresses another of my guilty pleasures – can’t say no to a new dress!

PX: How long does it take you to complete a painting?

It takes me usually 5 to 8 hours depending on the painting. The thing is – I don’t make any preliminary sketches (very rarely) and once I start drawing I must finish otherwise the next day I will feel this heavy feeling in my stomach to be returning and continuing it again. This is why watercolor is the best for me and the format of my paper usually not more than 25-30 cm or less.. I have to finish it within 8 hours or never finish.

PX: What would you like fathers to take away from your collection?

I would like fathers to feel blessed, lucky and so good about themselves being fathers; I would like them to feel their tremendous importance in their kids’ lives and remember about it, always. To feel proud, loved and appreciated. You know I believe to be a father is always a choice, whereas to be a mother is more of an instinct+choice, those men who found this power to be a father, who are attentive, loving, careing.. i love them and I hope in future I will become the mother of such man when my own son has family and hopefully finds his father powers. I would love to live long enough and see this magic blossoms in his heart.

PX: What do you want your audience and fans to get from your art?

Soosh: Love and some fun!