Fall is here! It’s time to switch your summer decor and add fall inspired designs. Spice up your home with these 5 fall 2016 trends:

The Fall Gallery Wall

Mix and match your favorite fall inspired prints on your wall. First find a space that is big enough for multiple prints and determine the placement of each print. You can always start with 4 prints andmine the placement of each print. You can always start with 4 prints and expand to more. Choose your favorite fall themes and colors. For this gallery collection, we want to bring fall indoors and selected natural browns and yellows as the color choice.



Navy Geometrics

This is one of our favorite trends that’s back in style. If you want to go with a more sophisticated style we highly suggest navy blue geometrics and abstract patterns for your walls. This dark blue color will be a calming but also still give you that fall feel.


Rose Quartz

What a great color for fall! Rose Quartz gives a more feminine look for your fall designs

Bringing Flannel Back in Style

Flannel is on our top favorite styles for Fall. Its a great way to bring multiple colors into a space and also a more masculine style

A Pop of Gold and Silver Framing

We are seeing that thin gold and silver frames are in style for framing art. We especially love the canvas floating frame, it’s a unique way to frame any canvas print.