Have you noticed there has been a minimalist trend recently? Minimal design is defined as simple or primary forms or structures. Simple designs and patterns are becoming more and more popular. This might be because in our society we are always bombarded on a daily basis with information and overstimulation. There is a lot to take in. And less can defiantly be more. Simple designs have recently been integrated into fashion, art, product design, and even website layouts. Trending in our everyday lives.

Fine Art America graphic design artist, Chungkong, is also using this minimal approach by creating a variety of simplified movie posters designs. This Netherlands based artist “strips the subjects down to their bare bones and brings them to life in vibrant and playful designs, covering a variety of subjects from cult movies, geek art, books and sports.”  He takes the most meaningful idea or concept from a movie and transforms into a design. And we have to say, he has an unlimited amount of movie design posters in his collection on Fine Art America. Any movie you can think of, he has created! So here are a few that might catch your eye:

Chungkong Art Minimalist Movie Posters

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