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Autumn Inspired Photography

The Fall Season is finally here! Leaves are changing, rustling, and it is becoming a little colder at night. Autumn colors and moody tones inspire photographers on Fine Art America to create am amazing seasonal photos. We gathered some of our favorites and asked each artist to describe how their image represents the Autumn Season for them.


Boston Charles River In Autumn by John Burk

Boston Charles River In Autumn by John Burk

“As a nature photographer in New England, I rarely photograph cities or urban settings. However, long after fall colors have faded from other regions such as the White and Green Mountains, areas such as Boston and the coastal plain offer a last glimpse of autumn’s beauty. This image was taken during a walk along the Charles River on a pleasant mid-November day. A polarizing filter and the tree that frames the scene helped balance the exposure under a bright, cloudless sky.”- John Burk

 Fall Leaves With Rake by Elena Elisseeva

Fall Leaves With Rake by Elena Elisseeva

“Fall for me is all about warm colors and simple garden chores. I have always found raking brightly colored leaves relaxing and pleasant for all senses – there is the rustling sound, the earthy smell, crunchy texture, and delightful color palette. I think this simple photo expresses these feelings well.”- Elena Elisseeva

Autumn Leaf by Christopher and Amanda Elwell

Autumn Leaf by Christopher and Amanda Elwell

“The image represents the beginning of the fall season, or Autumn as it is called here in the UK. Autumn brings those vibrant colours in nature and for us presents plenty of
great photographic opportunities.” – Amanda Elwell

Autumn by Priska Wettstein

Autumn by Priska Wettstein

“Fall is the time to start spending more time indoors. You wanna have it cozy and autumn colours are perfect for this. Orange and brown tones are warming up the house.
They are easy to bring into your living space by putting still lives together with fall symbols such as curds and pumpkins, cones etc. I decorate my house for every season different, always with small pieces or  a little still life. And sometimes with a picture of a still life. This is why I take pictures of my arrangements hoping others are enjoying them as much as I do.” – Priska Wettstein
I Love Fall 2 by Joanne Coyle

I Love Fall 2 by Joanne Coyle

 “When I look at this picture I think of cool crisp mornings and great sleeping weather. I also wish for a long Indian Summer. I love Fall!” – Joanne Coyle


You can find more images like these ones in our Fall Collections below:

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