Fine Art America has always been a great resource for artists. In addition to providing an online marketplace and fulfillment service, Fine Art America provides artists and photographers with sales and marketing tools to help simplify and accelerate their careers. Instead of artists spending time with marketing and sales, they can focus on the importance of their artwork.

(Kendra and Ewan)

It has been especially helpful to the friends of one artist in particular, Kendra Kurth Clinton.

After her sudden death in 2012, friends of the artist decided they wanted to do something to remember Kendra and her artistic gift while also helping Kendra’s family that was left behind so suddenly. So they decided it was important to create a trust fund for her son Ewan, called The Ewan Clinton Trust.

“The mission of the Ewan Clinton Trust is to keep the memory of Kendra alive.  The Trust’s primary source of income comes from the sale of high-quality reproductions of Kendra’s artwork.  All of the profits from these sales will be set aside for Kendra’s son, Ewan. In addition, the Trust hopes to partner with other organizations to inspire young people to recognize and share their artistic talents.” Read more…

(Kendra and Steve)

Needing to fund the newly created trust, the founders looked to Fine Art America as a resource. They found that it was a simple way to share and promote her art and story to a broader audience, more than just her family and friends.

“I knew very little about selling art before I started the trust. FAA has made it easy.” – Trust Co-Founder and friend, Kate Van Dam.

Kendra’s artwork was simply photographed, uploaded, and then priced accordingly to sell on Fine Art America. Everything else is taken care of by Fine Art America and all profits go straight to Ewan Clinton Trust.

“The reaction to Kendra’s artwork has been very positive.  She was a very gifted artist.” – Trust Co-Founder and friend, Ellen Tolan.

The Trustees intend to upload additional works of art that Kendra created in the years to come.   Partnering with Fine Arts America makes the process so simple.