The Art of Pizza

by | Feb 20, 2014

Grab a slice! There is a new pizza place in town called 800 Degress located in the heart of Santa Monica. Fine Art America wanted to try out the new restaurant and chow down on some amazing neapolitan pizza.

800 Degrees was created from a 200 year old recipe in Naples, Italy. And over the years the recipe has been perfected that much more. Honoring its heritage, the ingredients are fresh and local. The new restaurant encourages customers to customize their own pizza and then it is ready before you leave the corner.

Each pizza is like a work of art.

And here are some of our Fine Art America Artists dishing up some pizza art.


Wood You Knot?

  Here at Fine Art America, we have noticed that people’s tastes change over time, and that recently, lots of people are just crazy about buying photographs and paintings on wood rather than paper. While paper is a beautiful medium for art – do not get us wrong – some...

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Too Much Time on Our Hands

  There is this thing about time that keeps running through our heads, probably with the Styx song in the background. Time is an interesting thing. Either you have too much time, and it is driving you nuts, or there is not enough time, and you feel frantic and...

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Don’t Be Moody

  We all get moody from time to time. It is only natural. After all, moodiness is part of human nature. We are willing to admit that we are moody from time to time. For example, we just yelled at Bob last week, because he ate the last piece of birthday cake from...

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