The Art of Pizza

by | Feb 20, 2014

Grab a slice! There is a new pizza place in town called 800 Degress located in the heart of Santa Monica. Fine Art America wanted to try out the new restaurant and chow down on some amazing neapolitan pizza.

800 Degrees was created from a 200 year old recipe in Naples, Italy. And over the years the recipe has been perfected that much more. Honoring its heritage, the ingredients are fresh and local. The new restaurant encourages customers to customize their own pizza and then it is ready before you leave the corner.

Each pizza is like a work of art.

And here are some of our Fine Art America Artists dishing up some pizza art.


Illustrations for a College Dorm

  In just a few short months, a new group of college freshmen is going to be leaving their homes and move into someplace different -- a college dorm room. In many cases, the student is leaving all of their posters and objects that have been in their rooms for years,...

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Jen Norton–Artist Profile

  Jen Norton is best known for her work with religious art with Catholic themes, as shown here, but she has also done original acrylic work, such as her piece entitled “Four Persimmons”, which is a multi-orange hued work of citrus glory, perfect for a kitchen, or...

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Ode to Beaches

  There is nothing like summer to make your mind flow through the thoughts of ocean breezes and waves crashing on the shore. Beaches bring out the best in people, and represent the best summer has to offer, not including seafood salad and cookouts on the shore. If you...

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