A Trip to the LA Art Show

Fine Art America had the chance to attend the LA Art Show exhibiting this past January 16-19, 2014. With over a hundred galleries and thousands of visitors, the show included variety of artwork spanning from Chinese art to Pop Surrealist art.

This year viewers were able to see the true scope of the art world and whats happening both within and outside Los Angeles. One of our favorites, of course, included the Van Gogh Museum Edition booth. Crowds of people were standing around to view his most famous works, to get a chance to see the vibrant colors up close.

We were especially excited to support and see, Scott Listfield’s art, one of our first members since 2007. Scott Listfield’s work plays with the idea of America’s fascination with popular culture. And how comics, space, and movies are some how always integrated into our daily lives. The collection of artwork included two works that are for sale on Fine Art America: “The Parking Ticket” and “The Coke Machine”.

If you live in the Los Angeles area, this show is definitely a must see!

Purchase prints from Scott Listfield


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